Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Ray Of Hope

As I walk in my tuesday clinic for poor women,I see their dull eyes shine bright. Only on this day they wait for me to bring some medicines for them and their children. Cough medicines,something for their aching backs and knees,some blood pressure medicines. I have observed how important is tender loving care of a physician for his patients.They say love heals. I think it truly does! Selfless ,constant,day in and day out care and love, for God's sake and for your own sake. The role of a physician is primary as a healer and this uses medicines and TLC both.If in each action we encorporate a higher purpose then believe me things really work ,for faith is the best carer.

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NaVeed said...

and as there is a saying by Shiekh Sadi as well, "do tarha hi ki talwarein hoti hain, aik talwar insaan ko do hasey mein karthi hai aur dosri talwar two insaano ko aik karthi hai, aur woh talwar hai piyar ki mohabat ki" :)