Friday, March 29, 2013

Welfare Health Projects.

The polio days by HAWWA were quite successful including the one at HAWWA welfare medical center in Darakhshan.

I completed the afternoon shift exam and treatment for the school in Neelum colony run by Ms Sukkur and other good ladies.Ms. Riffat provided us with a generous donation of medicines for these children who are studying almost free in this school. Pakistan is full of good citizens who are doing this work without any advertisement or reward.These are all personal efforts and as long as this philanthropic spirit endures I have immense faith in this country.
As usual worm infestation, anemia, ear, eye infections,vision problems, colds, UTI, epilepsy were detected.EEG , vision testing were arranged and treatment given. We are making medical records of these kids as part of my school health free service for children of welfare schools.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Dr Meher Zaidi
Prevention is better than cure . Nowhere this motto applies better than to fight or dare Dengue menace in Pakistan. Here are some precautions and must do things:
1.Teach prevention to children and servants and other illiterate people.
2.Remove all open containers, sources of storage of water, pots,covered or otherwise from areas that are not easily manageable.
3. Keep all fresh water in covered containers and check frequently.
4. Clean and wipe all surfaces and floors daily regularly.
5.Use medicated mosquito nets, netting of windows, mats, insect repellent sprays, personal mosquito repellent liquids and creams at least in evening time. Use full sleeves and full length trousers, and socks. mosquito repellent can also be applied over socks and clothes but particularly to face, back of ears and hands and feet.
Things to do in case of suspicion of attack:
1. Consult local doctor. Symptoms such as fever, body and joint pain,chills, vomiting headache, bleeding from mouth, nose, spots or patches over body are suspicious.
2. Excessive bleeding and haemorrhage occurs as a result of platelet deficiency which are attacked by the virus. These need to be tested and replaced , therefore hospitalisation is necessary. Be prepared for hospitalisation and keep the contacts in ready hand.Each city, town and district has its own coordination officer or health officer . Keep their telephone contacts handy.
In Karachi the following numbers are available:
021-99204311 Medical Staff, Cantonment General Hospital, Iqbal Shaheed Road, Karachi.
0300-4584499 Dr. Muzaffar Memon, Senior Medical Officer,cantonment General Hospital
0300-9231088, Dr Shehzad, MO, Bizerta Line Dispensary, Karachi.
All Civil and Cant Hospitals deal with such cases.
Other private and NGO Hospiatls for such cases:
Bismillah Taqee Hospital,Karachi&cid=11027635108945060679
Liaqat National Hospital
Indus Hospital
Patel Hospital
Murshid Hospital, Hub Road
Dow University Of Health Sciences Hospitals
Hussaini Blood Bank, Fatimid, JPMC etc