Friday, January 30, 2009

Mood disorders and how to cope

The various mood disorders like depresion,bipolar,dysphoria,etc., are causing major dificulties for people. It is like spending a lifetime with a weight on one's head, moving with feet tied, unable to do much productive work,looking at life with no power or wrong eye power.Mostly no one goes to doctors and even if diagnosed patients tend to take proper treatment. It is necessary to understand the importance of treatment and seeking the right help. When the time is given to treatment the results are quite encouraging. Even as the patient is in the middle ,he or she feels to enjoy the improved life changes which was not to be if treatment was not started.In order to lead more productive lives, here a re some suggestions;
  • Go ahead shop for doctors,good ones too.
  • Read maximum about the disorder but do not make the diagnosis yourself,you may be surprised by the diagnosis given by the expert.
  • Always start treatment under doctor's care, stick to appointments, never stop treatment on your own, report any symptoms that are new to the doctor.
  • Go for cognitive behavioural therapy,this will help you to learn skills,make resources and indulge in hobbies like painting to focus and improve your cognitive health.
  • In case of menstrual mood changes go ahead with treatment with SSRI's under doctor's care for short term. It helps.Help ateenager or adolescent understand his/her disorder.
  • Give support to others,it has been seen that nurturing fosters speeding up of healing.


NaVeed said...

i suffered from depression for last two months and its not jyst that i had many attacks last year andd 07 had some big ones, i dnt get it why all this happens but its happens

MEER said...

You must have sen it is necessary to get medical help;doctor gives medication and the clinical psychologist will help you cope with problems like lack of will to do anything,anger,stress management,etc., Once you decide to get help things will come into focus and eventually will make life easier.Also prayers help a lot. Learn to accept people as they are, tolerance and forgiveness. It cannot be over emphasised that nurturing, the things another does is one of the best healers. take care and may Allah bless you and all our youth.