Friday, December 12, 2008

Mothers dilemma in search for a mental disability diagnosis

A mother presented with not bieng able to understand her child,s mental disorder and not bieng aware of the diagnosis.She was suffering from acute anxiety so much so that she very nearly collapsed.This is a common phenomenon.Mental disorders are a major health issue in Pakistan.Their detection,diagnosis and proper treatment is a long anguishing and costly procedure for average person.In the due process the family especially mother suffers a lot as she not only has to undergo her personal pain ,she is also ostracised and abused,tortured for bringing up the child badly.The attitudes need to be changed effectively and swiftly.For this small well informed support groups need to be made among teachers,social workers,and other persons in contact with children.This has to be done on emergency basis.You can start with this activity youself start reading more about these disorders on WEBMD or sites such as,etc.In reading and understanding the disorders and mental diseases,your own perception and attitude will change.This may help you to help others.
The mental disorders are not only undiagnosed but also the teaching is affected as the child is unable to learn according to his needs.The schools try to shove out such children to keep their results at top levels.They not only hurt and damage the child in the process,but also the family and society on the whole.We need to make scools aware for the need to understand and help such children.Canadian society has already incorporated such developments in their school system.
A book entitled If your adolescent has Depression or bipolar disorders by Dwight L Evans,and Linda Wasmer Andrews is a must read .

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