Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Awareness of Health Issues in Pakistani Youth and Adolescents

A large chunk of our population will be young adults and adolescents.About 50 % will be females.Literacy rate is very low,therefore in order to raise awareness about health issues media such as television and radio is very important.Amongst the educated mostly urban populace,also health topics are neither the part of regular school education program nor are the school teachers and management aware of its importance.In order to make everyone including parents more receptive to the idea of awareness in prevention of diseases the TV and radio is bieng used effectively by the numerous channels and fewer television anchors with a health background.Internet population has also increased and it needs to be used more as tool to reach out to a large Pakistani youth to create awareness in prevention of diseases such as sexually transmitted disease,AIDS/HIV,infectious diseases such as tuberculosis,hepatitis,etc,.The incidence of teenage and unwanted pregnancies is a lso very high amongst our youth and thanks to the tyrannical and ostrich like behaviour of even our urban populace these issues are not addressed in a fair and balanced manner.As morbidity due to wrong treatment and mortality due to cruelty and indifference rises,a major problem is a health and social burden,This issue also highlights gender inequality and bias towards a polarised and divided society.Awareness raising of youth will eventually defeat the prejudices in addressing health issues and promote a healthier society.

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