Friday, June 26, 2009

Drug Abuse In Teenagers.Some Help And Guidelines.

Drug abuse is becoming very common all over the world. In Pakistan also free availability, less parental guidance and depressing social circumstance has become a driving blast behind teenage drug use.Teenage is a period of intense personality experience with identity questions, school pressures and other social interactions. intense stress is generated all around. Lack of parent's awareness about their child's issues, lack of quality time spent together, parental fears all contribute towards pushing teenagers to drugs and substance abuse. This maybe of prescribed drugs such as pain killers, opioid laden medicines such as cough syrups or non-prescription drugs such as marijuana, over the counter pills,heroin, cocaine and other substances such as alcohol.
This addiction is damaging both for the teenager and the family.
In Pakistan as there is little support both in medical community and at the governmental level and because drug trade and mafia is operating freely and with a masive vengeance in urban areas, this problem has multiplied manifold.
There are many signs and symptoms of drug abuse which parents need to be aware of and recognise in order to seek earlier help and solution to the problem.
If your child is skipping school both in your information or without your information.
If he or she is unusually sleepy and avoids interaction with you.
If you find small or large sums of money missing or some jewellery missing frequently.
If your child often goes to pillow parties and other late night outings especially and avoids bieng with you on coming home.
If your child is losing grades, avoids normal social interactions.
If medicines are missing from cabinet.
If your child frequents area doctor or says he wants to visit frequently without apparent disease.
In Pakistan, drugs are freely prescribed by millions of quacks all over the cities.
There are other signs such as lack of grooming,unhygeinic appearance, anger outbursts.

The parents should try and take the child as soon as possible to a proper psychiatrist first as he or she maybe able to rule out diseases such as depression or diagnose these concomittant with drug/substance abuse.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Positive thinking Can Alter Behaviour.

We are living in a very stressful, fast, unspiritual and materialistic world. Each day we are bombarded with thousands of stress spikes ,both personal and at impersonal level. Work, home, relationships,school, college and simply friends may become sources of stress, anxiety and depression. We usually find our own mechanisms to deal with them albiet in an inefficient and usually derimental ways ,both for our health and relationships. modern living maybe very enjoyable too but only when we really learn time management, enjoy a hobby and find work rewarding and fulfilling.

Often we tend to find ways to cope with situations only in a reactionary way. A boss may criticise and we instead of seeing and rectifying the deficiency or fault react. This further worsens our stress level and hampers positive thinking.
Many of our relationships also suffer due to negative thinking and often we may get into a vicious cycle and damage a perfectly good relationship.
Nowadays there are many known,tried and tested therapies such as yoga,meditation, prayer, music,guided imagery, excercise ,cognitive behaviour therapy which help convert negative thinking into positive ones. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can be taken with a counsellor or it can be practicised at home once you learn the techniques. Web Md is a good source of learning these techniques. Positive thinking is key to behaviour change be it for leaving smoking,drug habit, anger management, stress management or dealing with depression and other diseases.Weight loss program also gains immensly from learning positive thinking.
I once improved greatly in my repeated negative thoughts about people taunting( Tana in Urdu) by reading Anthony Robbins and practicing the techniques in the book.This happened some 15 years back and my learned behaviour has improved so much that now not a single thought comes in mind that I convert it into positive thinking. Previously I used to be ruled by that negative thought and it was very stressful!
CBT can be done with a counsellor or can be done at home.The change can make you realise the negative thoughts . You can then learn to review these thoughts and then learn to remove them and replace with positive thoughts.Mind relaxation techniques also enhance positive thoughts and behaviour modification.The one thing I have learned most in my positive behaviour modification role , be it with teenagers, children or adults, is that when you tell the other person you care and trust them does the positive change starts to occur. So if you are doing this for yourself, start by saying to yourself the following things;

  • I trust myself to change my negative thinking or thoughts to positive thinking or thoughts.

  • I trust myself to acknowledge my negative thoughts after recognising them.

  • I trust and promise myself to change my negative behaviour to positive behaviour by dismissing negative thoughts immediately and replacing them with positive thoughts immediately.

  • I trust and promise myself to improve my behaviour by helping myself by understanding the ngative behaviours such as smoking, violence, anger,cursing or other abuse,and immediately stopping them with the help of a psychiatrist, a doctor, a counsellor some other person or even myself.

  • if myself then I will read extensively and repeat the behaviuor modification excercises.

  • I trust myself to learn time management and spend my liesure time in positive activities such as sport, teaching, helping

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Brain Foods Pictures Slideshow: What to Eat for Better Concentration

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