Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some Parental Guidelines For Coping With Adolescents ,Teenagers with Mental Disorders

Here are some tips you should follow in order to give better care to your child;

Always dissociate your relationship and try to look at her/his disease in a cool and scientific manner.

Whenever a crises situation starts always contact a professional for guidance, help.

Keep important telephone numbers handy; on the fridge ,with the keys hanger or easily accessable place.

Place all important information about patient, drugs treatment ,dosage, emergency help measures in easily accessable place and keep copy in office, with friends or other family members.

Always take into confidence about the condition of the patient, the treatment,physician, other help information, a close friend or relative, so that in case of emergency, they maybe able to help.

Always keep the nearest hospital/ emergency telephone,contact person address handy.

Always take time out for your own self and find some entertainment to lighten up.

Take time out for other children and family members.

Always take psychologist help to train yourself to manage situations like anger,stress,etc.

Many a times your own depression or other mental disorder may exacerbate or come to limelight during a crises.Seek professional help immediately. Do not postpone or decide to face things on your own. This is just like a car when it needs servicing or oil has to be given the service. you cant give water to a car and presume it will function. You have to be fit yourself when the child needs more care from you.

Also see that your spouse or partner also does not need professional help. Sometimes both parents also need psychiatric help.

Always take into guided confidence about your child's treatment and care options, information, the school management.Try to softly and cooly provide them enough information so that they may help and not panic if a need arises.

In Pakistan, the bigger ,the more famous the schools are the less likely they are to understand or help the child . So try and put your child in a school where they may be less stressed and find more happy environment.

Do not be judgemental and do not discuss or argue infront of the child. Always remove him or her if any one is bitching or bieng judgemental.

Try and read a smuch as possible and go on internet , see u tube and read health articles as much as possible to understand the disorder.

Find support groups, if not available locally, create one yourself. You will be surprised how many children suffer from mental disorders.

Last but not least try to find inner peace in yourself through prayer and charity. You will be surprised how much spirituality helps in healing.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Helping poor women reduce their health risks in Pakistan.

Here are some small points to help on this blog;
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